Guest Services

Owners Welcome

Our Guest Services are forged by Rocky Mountain Politeness and polished by Southern Hospitality. Our goal is to take you every step of the way through a unique vacation of American Heritage, Western History, Leadville Culture, along with a myriad of outdoor activities and events. A celebration of Mother Nature and the best she has to offer in the entire Rocky Mountains. Our website was designed to inform the vacationer of the exciting opportunities and to entice them to participate in any and all activities and events that awaits their arrival. Every effort has been made to make this experience the ultimate Rocky Mountain Vacation. If at anytime we can help with any arrangements for you or have fallen below your expectations and we can improve on our efforts, please feel free to let us know.

                                                                                                                                                                          Mark & Stacey Wyatt - Owners
                                                                                                                                                                                         1- 720-284-2135

A Pleasant Welcome

All the team members and employees would like to personally welcome every guest of Cielo Vista Vacation Properties with a "Meet and Greet". Unfortunately, logistics denies us that pleasure. As an alternative, We have selected a single member to present you with the house keys, personal home instructions, and as a token of our appreciation, fresh cut flowers to brighten what may have been a long day of travel. Once inside you will find your complimentary"Welcome basket or tray" in the refrigerator for safe keeping if you booked an extended stay of 6 nights or if you select those options at check-out on the website. 

Enhance Yor Stay

Our website was created to function as a tool to be at your disposal, 24/7. Finding accurate and precise information specific trail heads or cost for services can be difficult. While on vacation, feel free to browse our website for information about activities and events during your stay. There is a wealth of information about maps, locations, direction, pricing, discounted services, hours of operations, and contact information for all the local business and services that can enhance your stay. 

Food for Thought

Cielo Vista Vacation Properties are well maintained and equipped for your stay except for food and personal items. For your time savings and sanity you may want to stop into the local grocers before you reach your vacation home rental. One option may be to drop off someone to shop while everyone else is unloading the luggage and outdoor gear. Another may be to grab or phone in for a pizza or two to be picked up or delivered. Or you can just choose one or more of the food baskets, trays or a 3 foot sub when you book your home and it will be waiting when you arrive. 


Cielo Vista Discounts 

With your needs in mind our staff has managed to obtained concession from the some of the outstanding local proprietors. These discounts, specials offers, and concessions are located on our website under the Specials Menu Bar. As seasons change so do the discounts. Everything from t-shirts, souvenirs, meals, kids ski school, Original Leadville mountain wear, to rental rates on gear and equipment can be found in season. These offerings can also be found in every Cielo Vista Vacation Property in the "Discount Box" located in the Family Rooms. Thank you for patronizing local business and services. It helps to strengthen and grow our community. And we all appreciate it!