Common Questions about Vacation Rental Homes in Leadville


Q. - Why is Leadville such a popular "Vacation Destination" for visitors?

A.There are 4 major reasons why vacationers choose Leadville and the surrounding area for their vacation spot.
        "Stunningly Beautiful", "Western Heritage", "Outdoor Activities" and "Affordable Lodging".

Q. - Where do I check in at and pick up keys?
A. - Check -in is located in Leadville at Centennial Real Estate, 1020 Popular Street at the north end of town, Just
        south of Safeway on the east side of the street. All information will be sent via e-mail about check-in location,
        times, directions, and where to pick up the keys.

Q. - How much is the Security Deposit? Is there a different option such as renters insurance?
A. - Cielo Vista Vacation Properties does ask for a Security Deposit of  $1,000 due at final payment and refunded
        after inspection. We also understand it's a hassle for both parties! We do offer an inexpensive alternative
       to all guests. A one-time renters insurance policy for $45.00
. Accidents do happen and It's a
        small price to pay for peace of mind.

Q. - Do vacation home renters have access to washers and dryers?
A. - All of CVVP homes have washer and dryers.  We also provide linens, towels and detergents at no charge.

Q. - Are there places to eat in Leadville?
A. - Leadville has a wide array of establishments in town to satisfy your hunger. You can check out the list on
        our Local Color Page. Addresses, descriptions,  and phone numbers are included for you convenience.

Q. - Can guest cook their own meals?
A. - All our homes have fully equipped kitchens and places to BBQ your meals. Safeway is the best place to
        stock up on the way to your vacation home and is located on the North end of town, just minutes away.
        Note: If grocery shopping is not the first task you want to perform on your vacation, You can sign up for
        several food item choices when completing your reservation. They will be ready for you upon arrival. 

Q. - Do you have to drive around town with all of our gear on top of the car? 
A. - Some of our homes are unique in the fact that they have private garages to store your expensive toys securely
        when not in use. You can relax and not worry about theft.

Q. - Does Leadville have a ski area? Is it convenient?
A. - Leadville has a great family oriented ski area with a Ski School, Nordic Center, and Snowcat Skiing. It's called
        Ski Cooper, one of Colorado's oldest ski mountains and it's only a 15 minute drive from town. Some of our
        rentals are just 2 minutes away and considered to be the closest rental locations to Ski Cooper. The central
        location of Leadville places it only 60 minutes or less away from 5 other major ski resorts in Colorado like
       Copper Mtn., Vail, and Breckenridge. Ski one or ski them all!

Q. - Is Cielo Vista Vacation Properties in Leadville expensive?
A. - Leadville is one of the least expensive, family affordable places to stay and play in the Central Colorado
        Rockies. In fact lodging cost for our fully equipped homes is 1/2 the lodging cost of a comparable rental
        at one of the surrounding Major Resorts during the Peak Ski Season.

Q. - Does Leadville have a lot of outdoor activities or events?
A. - Leadville offers more outdoor activities and events than the other surrounding 5 larger resorts. Some
        are so unique to Leadville such as unprecedented vistas and access to the 2 tallest mountain in the entire
        Rocky Mountain Range, only Mother Nature and Father Time could change it.

Q. - What are the summer average day time temperatures in Leadville?
A. - The average summer highs are a comfortable 70 degrees.

Q.- Are there other activities and events in Leadville for the less active people?
A. - Leadville has easy hiking trails, 3 scenic byways, lake fishing, 5 museums, an Opera house, Historic Train
        rides,  Jeep tours and a variety of stores in town to patronize. You can always be a spectator of
        Current Events.  

Q. - Do you clean up the house or is it included?
A. - CVVP  inspects and cleans all homes after each rental period. The cleaning cost run from $100 to $175
        depending on the property. We bring in our professional to insure that all guest arrived to a clean and
        safe home. There is an extra charge of $100.00 for Mid -Week cleanings. 

Q. - Are there activities for the kids?
A. - Kids activities include, rock hounding, ice skating, fishing, tubing, hiking, skiing, skateboarding, and
        biking just to mention a few.

Q. - Does altitude affect Flat Landers and Sea Levelers?
A. - Most people will not be affected. The best way to combat the altitude is to drink plenty of water and if
       headaches persist, take your favorite headache solution until it subsides.

Q. - Is there a place close by to purchase groceries?
A. - There are several places like Safeway, Saturday's, and Big Lots conveniently located around town to
        purchase food and personal items.