Our Qualifications-Experience, Education, and Engagement

Early Work Experiences

Stacey and I both started our work experiences early while we were still in High School and never looked back. Her first job was waitressing for 5 years in a chain restaurant and I painted homes and rental properties for about the same amount of time, 6 years. After we graduated both of us continued at the full time level. She finally found full time employment in accounting and started community college. I moved into heavy construction and learn skills like driving anything with tires or tracks, and operating any tool that was powered by gas, diesel, electricity, air.  


After community college, she became focused on the accounting field earning her degree in and focusing on implementation of accounting systems and supervisory roles. Several companies hired her specifically to convert from one accounting system and to implement a new one which included training all management personnel. For the past 10 years she has held the title of Regional Comptroller for the 2nd largest waste management company in the US. 


I on the other hand chose to work most of my life outside in the construction industry. Most of the work was large scale jobs like installing hundreds of mile of water and sewer lines for the county, building concrete interstate highway roads, along with curb and gutter for the state, and even building 7 miles of an underground drainage system and tunnel in the city of Chicago for a Federal Government Project.

Plant Work

Chicago led to Denver where I went back inside to work in plants and factories in an effort to be a little more stable and to work on my college degree.  I spent 10 years with Boise Cascade as Plant Purchaser and a General Plant Supervisor of 85 permanent employees and completed my first degree in Management. After the buyout I went to work at a label manufacturer, starting as a plant scheduler, moving the customer service Manager for 4 years and finally into label sales for the past 20 years.

Outdoor Experiences

If you live in an outdoor Mecca and expect to rent to groups and families that are active, it sure helps to understand the expectations of the vacationer. Stacey and I have been engaged in most of the outdoor activities since we meet. Our first date consisted of climbing Mt Elbert. Since then we have summit over 75 mountains in Utah and Colorado, 46 of them are 14ers. In the early years hiking and backpacking was our next favorite with 40 wilderness areas, 17 National Parks, and an endless number of trails including portions of The Appalachian Trail and most of The Colorado Trail under our belts. I’ve left skin on every mountain bike trail in Jefferson County including Apex and the Morrison Hogback. A few other notables are Monarch Crest/Rainbow Trail, Mary’s and Horsetheif in Colorado and Slick Rock, Poison Spider and the White Rim Trail in Utah. They all earned a piece of my hide. We’ve run countless 5k, 10k and half marathons mostly for community support and charity. We have spent 3 days rafting on the Mighty Colorado and Stacey has spent a long weekend with Outward Bound rock climbing, belaying and repelling. And we don’t slow down in the winter. We have logged 7 backcountry ski hut trips and hundreds of mile snowshoeing in the Sawatch and Wasatch Ranges which includes encountering Moose along the way in Mill Creek Canyon. We walk the walk and talk the talk.

Management Education

After living in Golden, Colorado for a year, I had saved enough money to enroll back into college at Metro State University in Denver. With 2 years of transferable classes from John Tyler Community College in Virginia I enrolled in Management classes and proceeded to take 12 credit hours each semester even though I was employed full time as a plant supervisor. I even added an extra year to get an emphasis on production. With one year left the company sold out and I was laid off. I managed to land a plant scheduler job in a label manufacturing company and finished my management degree. After being promoted to Customer Service Manager, I chose to go back to college for a second degree.

Marketing Education

I decided to focus more on the sales end of things and went back to college for my second degree, Marketing. Within 2 years I was moved to Label Sales and I have been there ever since. Once again, still working full time and managing the apartments in Golden my employer sells and I’m looking for work. Final I take a sales job in Salt Lake City and I am still selling. Without those degrees I’m not sure where I would be but I can tell you this. After all those years of hard work and perseverance your success and failure can be control by someone else. It’s time for me to make the decisions.

 Accounting Education

After a year of college Stacey started working her way through companies and up the ladder. Several of her jobs have been to implement new accounting systems, company wide. For an accountant she works exceptionally well with groups and within different levels in the company. Currently she is working as a Regional Comptroller in Salt Lake City but her family and heart is in Colorado. She will be the driving force behind the software accounting systems implementation and accuracy. We will be in “Experienced Hands”.


My first brush, “pun intended”, with rentals was for 2 years during High School and 3 years after, I managed a Paint Crew for a company with 30 rentals. We also performed basic maintenance in all the homes like replace glass, lay linoleum flooring and carpet, replaces doors and locks. Then when I moved to Golden, Colorado, I was the on-site manager of an apartment complex for 15 years while working full time and attending college. Once again painting units when renters moved out and small repairs were the maintenance de jour. Soliciting and replacing renters and collecting rent was also part of the job. The big difference came when the owner upgraded the property every 3 years or so with big projects like lighting, new carpet, and re-model kitchens which I was asked to bid, identify winners, and coordinate all the work. Later when Stacey and I moved to Utah we left property in Leadville and in Denver. The housing market was so bad we decide to rent our home in Denver and buy again in Salt Lake. Then when the children came along we purchased another home and rented the old one once again and waited for the market to move. Currently we are seeking our Real Estate License in Colorado and should have them by early May. With home prices on the move up, it’s  time to make the final move to Leadville.


Despite any setbacks we are poised to start up in Leadville with experience, education, and engagement.  Community is important to us. We run all of our races for charities like Breast Cancer, Diabetes, and MS. We also support the St. George Episcopal Church and Boy Scouts of America food drives. Our time has been given to making blankets for Children’s Hospital and the Huntsman Cancer Research Center in Salt Lake. Currently I am a coach on the kids Baseball and Soccer teams. Stacey and I participate in the kid’s school special events like Earth Day and Veteran’s Day Celebrations. We want our children to be stewards of the outdoors and proud & respectful of those who protect it.  We suspect community engagement will be at the top of their list also.