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Cielo Vista Vacation Properties  offers  full service On-line Vacation Property Bookings and Professional Property Management services that starts with the marketing of your vacation destination like the Colorado Rockies, Ski Central Colorado, and the town of Leadville on our website to attract potential vacationers. Our goal is to remove all the barriers for the potential guest to locate and secure your home or getaway in the perfect Rocky Mountain Vacation Destination, Leadville. Through our website we offer them a piece of Americana, Western Heritage, and Mining History along with an endless list of Outdoor Activities, Current Events and Celebrations that are unique to Leadville. Next we merge your property with all it virtues to the activities, events, and local color like restaurants and support businesses in town. Then with the use the industry leading on-line software to book the vacationers. The accounting and financial services are all tracked, monitored, and documented in the accounting system and stored in the safe and secured cloud base system. Customer services plays an important roll in the grand scheme of things and it is extended to the home owner. From offering travel and damage insurance to protect both parties due to unforeseen circumstances and accident, to fresh cut flowers or a Welcome Basket full of bagels & coffee, we help the vacationers feel safe, secure, and comfortable in your home. The short and long term maintenance services of your property is attached to only your property and can also be initiated and scrutinized in the system. All service providers are notified and compensated through the system. Finally, there is a back end operating system that helps to coordinates it all. Every thing including correspondence, billing, work orders, and monthly reports are generated and distributed to potential guest, vacationers, service providers and home owners for efficiency.

Exceptional Marketing Services

Cielo Vista Vacation Properties start with the most recent studies of the Colorado Ski Industry and the town of Leadville tourism studies. Then we formulated a plan and implemented it. Step one is to establish the area, Leadville, as a "Vacation Destination" with everything your potential guest may need to have a successful and enjoyable vacation. Our Activities and Events page along with our Local Color page demonstrates this concept. These pages also function as a tool for the guest that is already on vacation in Leadville. They can go to our website for event locations, hours of operations, contact information, and directions to any supporting business in town. And we will negotiated discounts on their services on behalf the quest right on the site. After all, everyone carries some form of web access electronics with them everywhere they go. Secondly, we promote all the accommodations and features of your beautiful home or cabin to clients that have the same interest in those activities and events, such as locations and directions to museums , restaurants, or trail heads. You might even have a garage to store expensive bikes and gear. Featuring your property on the Browse Vacation Rentals page with those attributes doesn't hurt either. Any and every marketing technique studied in college will be put to good use to pull potential guest up the hill and to your Home, Cabin, or Unique Getaway. 

Accurate Accounting and Financial Services

The front end or on-line section of this accounting application is feed by your daily rates schedules, length of stay, and specific peak or even slow seasons. It calculates all taxes, add-ins like damage insurance, or subtracts promotional benefit as a % or in dollar amounts. Date triggers can be set to notify the vacationer that final payment is due. This accounting system also calculates property management commissions, runs reports and sends them to the owners for booking, payments and cost posted in that reporting period. All of which is specific to your property or properties. The most important factor is this system is a safe and secure way to store financial information on potential guest, service providers and owners. My wife's background is in implementing accounting systems and  has been trained on this one.  She loves this application.

Critical Operations Services
Our software has functions that is best described as Operating Services. Basically it runs all scheduling, accounting, communications function, and ties them together with potential and actual renters, maintenance services, property manger, and the property owners. Inside, the system can handle customer bookings and issuing work orders. Then it can, verify them complete and make the payment. Cleaning instructions can be generated for property specific items such as special cleaning instructions for pools to pets. It will create work order releases or place holds on properties if damages are discovered. Both property managers and owners will have a coded and limited access for specific purposes such as cleaning instruction for the property manager and financial reports for the owner. If you or anyone you know could use full or partial services, Please contact us or use the information below.

Centennial Real Estate

Experienced Maintenance Services

Centennial Real Estate has assembled a list of local professional tradesman in the home maintenance fields such as painting, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, carpet, and tile. They are all licensed, insured, and vetted by the management of CRE. All the service providers are capable of secondary and primary jobs in there prospective fields of expertise. Most offer repetitive or annual check ups such as furnace tune ups and line clearing at reduced rates as long as they are scheduled. All large or primary jobs will be quoted out, 3 bids for comparisons. 

Property Management Services 
Other maintenance services such as landscape/yard work, snow removal and cleaning services will be under contract for a year. They are license, insured and vetted by the management of CRE. All maintenance services will have files and assigned to individual properties through the Operating System. All work assignments will be posted, with start and completion times in the system by the on-site Property Manager along with costs. Owners will have a coded access to review. Payments are also documented. Finally, we will coordinate all on-site maintenance and management functions with you and your choice of maintenance groups or our local business professional to maintain the quality and value of your investment.

Turn-key Investment Properties
Centennial Real Estate has been selling homes in the Leadville area for over 35 years. Whether you are looking for your first home or a secondary residence, long or short term rentals, our sales personnel has the expertise, experience, and integrity to provide outstanding property ownership knowledge with investment opportunities. We have the ability to tract and document all cost, expenditures, repairs and rental income for every home we sell during the rental period of your secondary home. Annual reports keep you up to date on your investment and provide documentation for tax purposes. Turn-key Investment Properties, "TIP's" are a great way to invest in yourself. Vacation, Investment Property, Income, and Retirement all wrapped into One!

Outstanding Customer Services
Starting with the first contact of a potential guest or owner to the final "See you next year!" Cielo Vista Vacation Properties & Centennial Real Estate employees treat everyone like family with Big Smiles and Welcome hand shakes. And we maintain each and every property as if it were ours. We perform a walk through before and after every occupancy with check list in hand and we use all our senses to make sure everything is in it's place, ready for use, and stocked correctly. We welcome all guest with fresh cut flowers and perform a "Walk About" covering any concerns like "How do you start a fire?, even if it is gas with a light switch. We also offer other service like Welcome Baskets for breakfast or Late arrivals so they don't have to immediately shop for food. And for peace of mind, we can provide Travel and Accidental Damage Insurance which cuts down on the hassle of Damage Deposits. We handle all damage claims for the owner. Finally we help the guest with maps, directions, support services, local discounts, and timing for their agenda of any and all activities and current events they want to participate in or observe. The website operates 24-7 and anyone can access all the information listed above with any portable device. A little Southern Comfort and Down Home Hospitality goes a long way. You can look here to learn a little more about the owners of Cielo Vista Vacation Properties  and Centennial Real Estate.

"Elevate Your Vacation Home Potential!" 

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