Cielo Vista Mountain

Shopping Downtown Leadville is 7 miles away
Restaurants Downtown Leadville is 6.5 miles away
Golf Course Mt. Massive Golf Course is 6 miles away
Airport Denver international Airport is 132 miles away
Groceries Safeway is 6.5 miles away

Community Information

Cielo Vista Yurt is on 18 acres of forested mining property in between Co RD. 9b and Trail 103. The driveway is off of Trail 103. You have great views of Mt. Elbert and Mt, Massive to the south. You can see several other 14ers. You are about 3/4 of a mile from Turquoise Lake. There is private property to the west. Water is brought in during the summer via high clearance vehicle. Snow Melt is used during the winter and access is by snowmobile, cross country skis, or snowshoes. There are solar lanterns and batteries for lights. Its a primitive setting with wood stove and outhouse.
This property is located on the Leadville MTB 100 Course and access to 30 miles of groomed track for skiing and snowmobiling. Uncle Bud's Cabin, 10th Mountain Hut is located 3/4 of a mile up Co RD. 9b. There is a non motorized boat launching off Turquoise lake road heading back into town, Tabor Boat Launch. Camp grounds are all around the lake for RVs, campers, and tents. Turquoise lake road loops around for 15 miles with 2 exits/entrances, one at the Dam, one near US 24 or towards Safeway. Turquoise Lake road is closed to traffic in winter but has snowmobile access and a parking lot on the east side of the entrance. Water can be purchased a Sugar Loafin private campground for $3.00 any size container. There is a 6.4 mile Turquoise lake trail and 2 epic long trails The Colorado Trail and The Continental Divide Trail. Both merge near Uncle Bud's Hut. Safeway and town are 15 minutes away. Trail 103 can be used for ATV, OHV travel.


At the end of Cielo Vista driveway, a left takes you the long way down the mountain on dirt road that ends up at the entrance of Turquoise Lake. A right takes you down to turquoise lake road. Turquoise Lake road is a 15 mile loop. Take a right from the bottom of Co RD 9b onto Turquoise Lake Rd and you head to the end of the lake. Here you can access The Colorado Trail. Continue around the lake and you come to the May Queen Campground. Next on the loop is Hagerman Pass Road which will takes you over the Continental Divide, down pass Reudi Reservoir and on to Basalt. The next stop is the Dam. After the Dam veer right on CR 4 and you go pass Sugar Loafin Campground and on into the backside of Leadville or to CO Hwy 24, a left takes you into the heart of town, Harrison Ave. Veer right on still on the loop, 9C, and you pass the Matchless Boat Ramp and the Silver Dollar and Molly Brown Campground. Continue strait on 9 and you will see The Belle of Colorado Campground on the left then the Painter Boy Campground on the right. Next is the Baby Doe Campground on the left. Continue on to 9b to complete the loop. Or turn right at the next right and stay on 9. It is the exit out of the loop and out of the Lake area. Take a left on 99 just pass the tracks and it heads to CO Hwy 24. Take a right and you are still on 9. Stay on 9 around the left hand turn and you will see 17 , Mt. View Rd. Turn left and head to Safeway. Stay straight on 9 then a left on 4 and you are on the backside of town, any right takes you to town. But if you veer right onto 9D it takes you to the other end of 4 and to the Mt. Massive Golf Course on Rd 5.


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